15 April 2008

I'm The Luk Luk Queen

What's luk luk?
If you're a Malaysian, I'm sure you know what's luk luk means. "Luk luk" is a Malaysian Chinese term which means dipping. You dip your food into the boiling water. Puzzling with my explanations? Don't worry.

Let me, Curryegg proudly bring you into the World Of 'Luk Luk'. Here's where I have my pleasurable moment whenever I'm tire running the whole kingdom. Kingdom?

How can I resist the insatiable-fresh-delicious luk luk from the Uncle Fatty stall (The real name for the stall is Fatman Steamboat but I love calling it as Fatty Uncle.. hehe.. sounds sweet..)? How can I? I've been addicting his luk luk for years and I just hardly remove myself from his 'luk luk'. Worse, I was crazily bringing my camera along, snapped a few photos of it and now, I'm blogging about it here. OMG!

I eat anything accept the inner-part of any animal for example pork digestive system, chicken liver.. ehwww.... scary.

Here are my favorite sources- sweet source (black) and spicy source (one with peanut and another one with more chilies!!)

So, this is what I mean about "luk luk" - dipping your food into this boiling water.

The way the food are being cook is almost the same for both "luk luk" and steamboat (cook in a special pot). The only thing "luk luk" has but steamboat doesn't has is that "luk luk" is presented in stick and it comes with special sources!

I always believe that eating "luk luk" will increase your creativity and at the same time increase your cooking skills. How an individual creativity increases? Since there are variety of food and sources, it will be a great time to do your mix and match (just like what you did in your fashion sense. You mix your white T-shirt with red skirts, red Mickey Mouse printed tie with your pajamas..and you name it.. ;)

However, Curryegg's creativity is still at average stage.

Ho ho...
Simple and nice - my favorite fish ball and pork ball with 3 mixed sources. Of course, the taste is super-duper-yummy!!!

Ohh... I miss the moment... Heaven!

Another advantages you may get from this self-service 'luk luk' stall. You will never pay more for what you eat because every stick that you choose has it's own price. Here is the pricing tag.

The price will be counted according to the color at the end of the stick. For example the red color will cost for RM 0.90 and the black one will cost for RM2.50.

This is one of the example..
OMG! RM 7.00?!! Fly money fly...

So, this is the "Luk Luk" queen that I mean..
*It's me*

Oh shit!
I'm hungry right now..

Uncle Fatty!! WAIT FOR ME!!!

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