06 April 2008

Last Day For Happy Moment Voting Session

It's 6th April 2008 and hey! Happy Moment contest will be closed soon.
Have you submitted your blog or video clips for that competition? As I've mentioned in my previous post, I've submitted my video clips and unexpectedly, I've received many positive comments on it- my family, relatives, friends and bloggers. Haha.. Thank you..

A review
I've never realized that I'm 'good' in acting. Lol....
What a stupid action I did in the video clips. Haha... (anyone wanna hire me as an actress? kekez..)
And everyone kinda love the dog. Am I right? I've another video clip on it. Will blog about it soon.. He's adorable!!! About the hairstyle, my cousin created for me... Lol.. so don't be too shock when you watch it.... By the way... I sang in the car.. OMG!!! What happen to Curryegg now-a-day? Lol... ;D

This is the video clip.

And do vote me!
Rank5 = Super duper good!
Thank you... ;D

Happy - Happy Moments

If you've posted your Happy Moment post or video clips, do let me know via my comment box or Cbox together with your link. Since it will be closed soon, I shall make a visit to your post or video clips and have a good laugh together. Haha.... Since the possibility for me to win the contest is really low, my expectation to win the cash for a new camera is fading.. sob... lol... It's ok.. I will work hard during my holiday to earn some money...

Happy Sunday my friends..
And don't worry about me, I will 'control' myself from surfing the net...
and why am I here?