22 April 2008

Goodbye TITAS, Hello Blog

The good news is... My TITAS (Tamadun Islam Dan Tamadun Melayu- Islam Civilization and Malay Civilization) paper has finally over!
And the bad news is... It's DAMN difficult!

None of my friends (non-Muslim) confessed it's easy. OMG! What should I do?

Sometimes I feel that a student's life is so hard. You've to force yourself reading, remembering, writing, and etc. No freedom, no fun, no excitement- Especially when one is forced to read those dead people books to find out their physiology, facts, concepts and theories. For example, William Shakespears, Sigmund Freud, Jean Piaget, Confusions, al Ghazali and Newton. I know, without them, the world will not run like in todays world. I should thank them instead. Sigh... I know... I just... I just need a place to voice out my dissatisfactions... *the TITAS test!*

Sigh.. I'd spent weeks for the subject and at the end.. it end up so badly. I should have spend more time on other subjects especially Statistic rather than TITAS! Ahww... my another weak subject.

My feeling is reflected on these pictures...

Some people will think it's romantic and beautiful while as for me, I feel sad, upset and depress...

Anyway, it's over. OVER~~
Now, I feel like throwing the book away- far far away from it. I wanna get completely free from it. Bye bye.. YAhhoooooo!!! ;D

That's mean, I can start blogging again. My life is so boring when I forced myself not to blog. It's like staying away from taking drugs. You know how it feel if you're a blog addictor! Oohh... I miss my blog, miss my visitors, miss my comments, miss other blogs and I MISS EVERYTHING HERE!!!

Look... there's a rainbow!

That's a good sign!
Today will be a better day for me..

*Feel happy and energetic now!*
Photos: Taken by me in Jawi, Penang, Malaysia.