31 January 2008

24 Season Drum Tough Practise

Curryegg.Com proudly present you....
the member of Chinese 24 Season drummers....

*drum roll*


and myself.

Recently, I am really busy with my outdoor activities in my hostel (college 3rd). There are volleyball practice, drum practice, photography and multimedia. At the same time, I am trying to cope with my studies and last but not least, my assignments. Well, stop that stressful stories of mine and let's listen about my 24 Season drum experience!

Before that, let have a quiz session.

Which first country introduces the 24 Season Drum?
At the end of the post... =D

There are a few preparations need to be done before playing the real drum. Well, for all this while, we are using the plastic chairs for our practise (even now). Serious?!!! Ya... Serious! We can't effort to buy 20 drums which cost thousands. That's why, we can only borrow the musical instruments from the kind and generous 7th college which is just opposite our 3th college. *Thank you*

First preparation:
Smoothen our wooden mop stick. Oopss... Did I just say mop stick?


Lol.. It's a way to cut our cost by using mop stick. Hehe...

Take out all the drums and put them under the sun.


*rolling rolling*

Why? So that the drum will get a tan. Muahaha... Ok ok. Let's be serious. The reason for this 'sun-bathing' prosess is to evaporate all the water molecules in order to get a better sound effect when we play.

Following that:

Don't you think it's tough to be a Chinese 24 drummers? We've to be strong pysically and mentally. Gosh! I am getting darker now and I've mice on my hands... I mean muscles!
Sad.. I'm not a woman anymore.. instead.. I am a man!
Sob... ;(

We were serious during practise (accept me... haha.. busying snapping photo all the way)

Anyway, we do have our SS session (Syiok Sendiri). That's mean a session for us to have our free style photo session! Muahaha....

They are my drum friends and also my coursemates. Hehe... Wei, May, Yen.
May And I... ;)
I look so tire...
My friends.... They are so sweet.. ;D

Well, we do have our stress moment too because it's hard to catch-up sometimes. Blame us for being such a perfectionist.

We want to perform the best that we can... That's why, this boy is trying to practise by his own in one corner...

*Lonely... I Mr. Lonely... I've no buddy.....*

Coming post:
Photo session of us wearing PTH (Pesta Tiong Hua) T-shirt. Curious of what we were doing? Stay tune.

The answer for the previous question (Which first country introduce the 24 Season Drum?)

Malaysia Boleh! Wuoooo.. hu.....
Malaysian Can!