22 January 2008

A Note From Me

Hello everyone in Curryegg.Com.

First of all, thank you for your visit and your comments in my Cbox and comment box. I am so gay receiving them. (since they're all positive words.. hehe..) Thank you thank you..

Traffic jam event has really left a great memory on me. I feel like I am getting closer with my blogger friends (who I never thought of meeting them). Great! I feel like my circle of friends has been widen which is good.

However, the idea of being a famous or popular blogger in the future like Kennysia, Nicole, Ringo and Su Ann will never come across my mind. Never ever. Why? It's not because of I am humble or lack of confidence on myself. It's just... I don't feel that my blog is as interesting as others. It's just a normal blog. Out there, there are million of good blogs and curryegg.com is just a tiny, little dull blog if compare to them. Anyway, I do dream of being one.. haha... It's not wrong to dream something sweet right?

Ok. Back to my student life. My hostel is having an Indian celebration for this whole week starting from 21-27th January 2008 and it is fun! I've snapped some photos of yesterday Hari Ponggol celebration and shall post them later after editing them.

At the same time, I am busy practising my Chinese 24 drums and volleyball. Oh ya, not to forget my Statistic exam and 3 assignments which must be done before the Chinese New Year. Craps! I am so exhausted... Can someone please help me? Sob...

Last but not least... Happy Thaipusam to all my friends...

It's a public holiday for tomorrow! Yahooooo!
No class... wake up late..
but.. sigh... there are assignments and drum practise.. ;(