29 January 2008

Mickey Mouse Year!

Can someone please stop me from day-dreaming?
I can't control myself any longer.

I am in Chinese New Year mood right now although there are still another 8 days to go.
Gosh! Who can wait? I mean I can't wait.
I wanna go back to my hometown and celebrate Chinese New Year right now.

I miss my last year celebration.
It was so happening...

My photo during last CNY (Chinese New Year)

Ahhh.... I can't wait to meet my lovely grandmas, my cute cousins and my fellow friends. I am coming!

Assignments, activities and meeting.
Shuuu..... shuuu.... Please go away. I am going to off soon.. in another 3 days...
sigh.... :(

Hopefully the year of Rat will be a great year for all of us..
Mickey Mouse is coming!