17 January 2008

iTalk Buddy, My Hero... Muacks!

I don't know why my life is so miserable, ever since I've been staying in the hostel for nearly 3 weeks. Firstly, almost all the hostels in UM is facing a huge problem with water supply. We've been facing this issue since 2 weeks ago until today! Uhhh!!!

Feel like drought...

Can you imagine:
  • Few days without taking bath when your body is so sweaty and oily after playing volleyball for 2 hours under the sun?
  • A day without drinking water?
  • Canteen without water supply? (I am imagining how will those mak cik (auntie) and pak cik (uncle) wash all those plates and vegetable without water?)
  • Toilet? (unpleasant odour)
  • A pail of unwashed clothes
(P/s: My real experience)


Secondly, the internet connection in my hostel is weak! Weak Weak Weak! It is hard for me to online using the free-of-charged wireless. I am darn disappointed when I can't blog or chat in my MSN with my friends. My life is completely dull and boring since I've lost my basic need (WATER) and have even lost my the-one-and-the-only-one entertainment.


I'm suffering right here but thanks God! A new RM30 iTalk card has saved my life, unexpectedly, when my handphone was ran out of credit this morning.

  1. I called 3 of my best buddies to vote for me for the Traffic Jam event. (First time of my life, asking for votes. Lol...)
  2. I phoned my seniors to cancel all the meeting. (Since I feel that I've body odour and I don't wanna worsen it with other out-door activities)
  3. I cried on the phone, begging for water donation from others... (lol.... this is too much. I'm just joking. I wasn't cry...)
  4. Called my mum to say 'Hello' to her, but ended up complaining about the water system in my varsity. (Eeerrr......)

To my surprise, the rate for every call that I've made was really cheap! I used about 25 minutes call and it just cost me RM2.45! If it's Digi or Maxis, the cost should be around RM5! WOw! That's great!

It doesn't just stop there. My day is bright (although there is no water supply) using iTalk Buddy to chat when the wireless line is too low. I've learned that iTalk buddy (from iTalk) provides us a chatting service just like Yahoo messenger, MSN, ICQ, Skype and etc... The cool thing is, you can still chat using your iTalk Buddy account (after you've registered yourselves) without internet connection.

And hey! You can do your mobile blogging too using your phone and iTalk service. Isn't that cool! I need this! I really do! Or else, I will die of boredom. *sob*

Besides, you can have fun, making your own Moji. It's like your online-pet. You can buy thing for it, pet it and play with it. Well, I do think that this Moji is cute and this idea seems to be similar to the pet in Facebook! Interesting! ;)

iTalk and iTalk Buddy services have really surprised me (and I love surprise). To be frank, buying the iTalk card is just a coincidence. If it's not because of the Traffic Jam event (iTalk is one of the sponsor for this event), I wouldn't even know how useful iTalk service is.

Thank you TM for this creative idea. Thank iTalk Buddy.. ;)