06 January 2008

The Maid = Adverlets

I've finished my drum practise and now I am spending my quality time with my course mates in Choh's room. What are we doing in the middle of the night? You will never guess it. We are watching The Maid movie. Wuoooooo!!!! It's an old movie but I haven't watch it.
Sound scary? Haha... I rarely watch horror movie because... I am scared. Lol...

I scared blood.
I scared ghost.
I scared eerie sound...

I am blogging while watching the movie.. Cool isn't it? I think I am reaching the climax right now. I've to get a person and hug her tightly. Wukaka....

Anyway, I think The Maid is equal to Adverlets.com. Why?
Same horror feeling... scary...

Talking about my horror moment with adverlets, I really don't have any idea about it. I don't know what has happened on adverlets. Is it going to disappear? How about my earning in it? Will I lose them before having the chance to taste the RM50 cheque?

Sigh... I was really being frightened by adverlets.com this afternoon, just like the main actress in this movie when I failed to open my blog. I thought my blog url was being used by other website. Things which I've never expected had frighten me away. When I found out others were facing the same problem as I was, I felt slightly relieve and searching way to heal it.

Ok. Back to my horror movie and will continue blogging tomorrow morning.
Miss you guys... ;)

Updated: I think adverlets is still facing the problem with their domain because the website still appear when I added the ads again. Looks like I can't put any of their ads right now.. :(