26 January 2008

A Day With Nando's

Did I ever tell you that I love chicken?

I don't know why but I love chicken.. Yummy.. ;)
Besides, I love spicy food. Eiih? Isn't that better if I name my blog as CurryChicken instead of CurryEgg? Lol... You know the reason why I choose the name Curryegg don't you?

Chicken + Spicy = ???

Well, how should I solve the above equation?
Something spicy enough that can spice my taste bud.
What else ladies and gentlemen?

Let me introduce: Nando's Chicken!

Nando's Chicken is one of a great choice in solving my problem. It's spicy enough if you dare to try hot peri-peri level (The highest hot level).

Lol.. The real story is, mum and I went to shopping (for Chinese New Year) yesterday and we had our lunch in one of the Nando's outlet.

They are having a Chinese New Year promotion. 1/2 chicken with 2 side dishes cost RM19.90. And you get a pack of free ang pau (red packet)!
Lol... Why so kedekut de? (Stingy)

Haha... Anyway, I didn't take the promotion set. Instead, I ordered my usual quarter set meal. It is just enough for me.. ;)

I like the design of the menu book. It look so interesting. I should praise the designer for being so creative. Besides, the photo of the chicken in the menu book had tempted me to have it right away. (ggrruuuppp... oopss! I am hungry now)

I like their sauces. There are ketcup ,mild, hot and extra hot Peri-Peri. What else will I choose if it's not extra hot Peri-Peri? Hehe....

And I like this sugar packet. Cute.. ;D

The photo is a bit blur.. >_<

My mum cappuccino...

Everything photos here are so perfect but..

Sorry! I didn't manage to snap a complete 1/4 chicken dish. How could I manage to resist the temptation of having it straight away once the waiter put on the dishes on the table? How could I? Lol...

Next destination:
  • Kenny Roger
  • KFC (uuhhh...should I take?)
  • Ayamas
  • The Chicken Rice Shop