31 January 2008

Bad Volleyball Match

Why I feel down when I am so energetic in this early morning?

Yesterday I'd played a bad games for volleyball and I didn't know why. I feel like I am having a freaky-volleyball-competition-trauma. Whenever there is a competition (no matter small or big), my performance will get really bad. I don't know why but I know my psychological mind has been affected.

Hey! That can't be. I am learning psychology here and I've to apply it in my volleyball match. I can't let my pass during secondary volleyball match hunting me all the time. I've to overcome it right now!

Yes! I've to overcome it!

I'm going to find some solution in my Psychology books right now. Or someone has any better idea to overcome stress during competition or match? You're always welcome to voice out your opinion.

Go go Curryegg!