23 January 2008

Pesta Ponggol = Ponggol Event

As what I've promised in my previous post, I will post something about Pesta Ponggol which was held in my hostel. Generally, it was fun and I am glad to be able to snap some photos of it.

The choose milk and rice as the main ingredient.


The crowds in 3rd college.
Everyone was so busy including the Malay Chinese and India.. kekek..

Did you see the smoke?
One of the successful group who managed to cook the rice in milk. haha.. bravo!

It's good to learn other's cultures and share them together since we are Malaysian. I am having my great time for this whole week:

Here's a short video clip:

The Chinese in this hostel will organize an event which is related to the Chinese cultures and of course, I am involved in it. I take Chinese 24 drums remember? Lol... Don't worry, you will get the chance to see curryegg with drum.... soon..