18 January 2008

Curryegg.Com Counter

Should I laugh for my funny decoration?
Haha... I don't know..

I've been to PWTC this afternoon.. I mean yesterday (17th January 2008).. lol... To those selected 100 bloggers for the Traffic Jam event is invited to decorate his/hers PC earlier before the event starts.

I was rushing all the way from my class to the hall. As the result, there is not much decoration for my computer. So, this is how it looks like:

Should I laugh? haha.....
Yes, I am laughing.
I think I am the only one who bring bowl and eggs to the place. Weird? I think it's special! They symbolize my blog: Curryegg.Com.. Haha..
By the way, I hope my eggs are safe from hot pan or pot. Lol...

I can't wait to meet all the bloggers during on Saturday. It must be a great event. Remember to vote me oh~

Thank.. ;)