13 January 2008

Friendster. Facebook. Hi5. Which Is The Best?

I believe anyone who is computer literacy know very well with these social network websites especially Friendster, Facebook and hi5. I have an account in these 3 website. Anyway, I rarely play hi5. Maybe because of the boring system which have scared me away for a long long time. Lol....

I am a regular user for both Friendster and Facebook. Talking about these 2 website, I've found out that Facebook is more interesting compare to Friendster since there are more games, more facilities, and more function. For example, Facebook works very well with Twitter, Slide.com (slideshow), Stumble Upon and etc. Almost anything that you want can be found in Facebook whereas, Frienster are dull and boring. All you can do is to send comment, make bulletin, blog or view others picture. *Boring*

It's difference when you come to Facebook. You might give your compliments to your friend by sending hugs, kiss, presents or sweet words. Besides, you can fight with your 'enemy' using pillow fight, war book, vampire and etc which is very healthy if compare to WWF fight!!!

However, I don't spend much time playing with my facebook. As a result.....

There are 240 requests waiting for me to approve. Aiyoyo.... cham cham...

Obviously, Facebook is better if compare to Friendster. Anyhow, Friendster is still an important source for me to keep in touch with my friends and family. Without it, I can't update the latest news of my friends via their blog, photos and comments. As a result, I will have less interaction with my friends or relatives and might remain stranger for the entire life. Isn't that sad?

So, thank you for the Frienster and Facebook inventors. You guys are rock! You've helped me to straighten the bond between the people I always care. Hugs... ;)

P/S: If you've any account for Friendster or Facebook, you can add me. The links are on my left sidebar. Remember to send me a message to introduce yourself. Let me know more about you. Thanks... ;D