15 September 2008

Adorable doggy.. :)

During in the last weekend, I had spent my quality time with my cousin, Kevin and my aunt in Tanjung Malim. Guess what? I had been into the farm which is more like a jungle to me. At first, we decided to have a short walk in Proton City. Somehow, the plan 'expended' and we lost somewhere in the jungle.

Ok. Don't trust my words. I'm just joking. We didn't loss in the jungle. We were being 'kidnapped' by the children. Ahwwwwwwwwww... HELP!

Well, whoever who believe these 3 little cute children kidnapped Miss Curryegg must be a joker. Lolx... Looking at this photo, aren't they cute and adorable? I mean the children and the doggies.. :D

Oh my. I just feel like raring them. Oops.. I mean the puppies! They are so adorable especially this one...

Cute right?
I love his watery black eyes. Not to forget his furs. Well, both of the puppies are male and I just feel like hiding them in my bag and walked off the place without the being noticed by the children. Ahwww... Why I didn't do that?


Puppies has reminded me about Manday, my first ever Chihuahua dog. She died in an accident and ever since then, I dare not rare any dog. It's heart-breaking especially when your pet has become a part of your family.

However looking at these puppies, I have the gut to try raring a pet again. Emm... maybe not a dog... em... maybe.... tortoise?