09 September 2008


Murmers by curryegg - curryegg (richard clayderman)

Sitting besides the lake with my laptop on my laps, slowly, I sipped my drink with a total enjoyment. The morning breeze and the harmonious chirps from the birds have created such a relaxing atmosphere for my body and mind. Unconsciously, my eyes were closed and the next thing I found myself was dancing around the compound.

I could feel a strong connection between the environment and I. The moving water and the shaking trees seemed like trying to steal my attention. They did. I could feel they were murmuring something to me, sending me messages which I could hardly perceive. I feel safe and there is nothing as relaxing as sitting on the grass, facing the big lake with soothing winds. How I wish I could stay there a bit longer.

*mi fa so, so.... fa mi re so so...*
*mi fa so mi fa re.....*

Playing the song Murmures from Richard Clayderman on my electronic piano, I start fantasying in my room. I just can't stop myself from imagining whenever I hit the notes. To be honest, I'm not good in playing piano although I've started playing it like... 12 years? I just feel lazy to practice my piano as my age grow older. I rather choose blogging and chatting.. haha...

However, lately I'm motivated to continue my journey with the presence of my piano. My interest in music is growing again and unbelievably, I've recorded my own playing yesterday. Isn't that awesome? You can hear my piano singing but sadly with some errors here and there.

But no worries.. there are room to be improved! (advice by May)

So, hope that you will enjoy listening to this music clip - first clip from the artist who named: Curryegg!!!


Have a nice day... :D