05 September 2008

The Biggest Family Gathering

Sometimes, I feel like I am old and I can't play like a small kids any longer. I can't jump, skip, hop, shake and shout like a kids anymore (since I've turned into a curry chick, remember?).

Therefore, it's hard for me to play with the children like these....

It took me so long to snap a nice picture with my nieces and nephews. As you can see, I hardly posed properly in the photos. I'd never snapped any photo as tiring as this. Lolx....

They are hyperactive, man!

So, when did I meet my lovely nieces and nephews? Well, it's a long story.. If you still remember in my previous posts, I did mention I was in Penang, my lovely hometown a week ago. We had a big family gathering in one of the restaurant. The atmosphere was pretty good and I enjoyed every moment with my relatives - although one did ignore me no matter how I approach her. Well, it's not my first time. It's like every time and I just don't know why? Maybe there is a conflict between us?


As long as others still love me unconditionally ever since I was born till now, I'm grateful. They always give me surprises and I just love them so much!

This big gathering was actually for both of my respectable aunts' birthday celebration. Their children (who are my cousins) organized this gathering and invited every relatives to attend the party. Ahwwwwwww, how lovely they are..

Some of the vegetarian food... :)
Look like meat to me.. lol...

The Imitation of Shark Fin Soup!

Somehow, I never expected that they actually had included me in - as the star of the day. Haha... And I received a cake! Oh my.. I was surprised at that moment when on of my cousin pushed me to the front to cut the cake. Sob.. thank you sis and mum...

So, 3 of us make wishes, blow the candles and cut the cake together. Oh my. I just can't believe it! I should have dress better on that day.. :P

So, these are my big big big FAMILY!!!!
Wait a minute... where is my granny? >_<

My mum was the one who hold the camera for me. Lolx...
Thank mum.. :)

Obviously, I'm a bad 'cake cutter'. Lolx... what a mess I did!

P/s: Thank for the surprises and beautiful moments you gave to me. It is one of my best birthday celebration so far. I will remember every moment we had been together and I'm looking forward for the next gathering! Hehehe...