04 September 2008

Curryegg's Birthday In JoGoya

September will be a cool month to me!
It must be interesting, lovely, enjoyable, adventurous and FUN!
I know it will!

Since my grandma (my father side) has passed away, I have stopped wearing garments which are in Red, Pink, Yellow and Orange. It's in the Chinese custom to show our respect to the one we love (who has passed away). Well, it takes about 100 days which can be considered as the mourning period.

Ok, to be frank I know nothing about the custom but I'm learning here.. :)

At the same time, there shouldn't be any celebration in these 100 days. So, I expected to have a dull, boring 21st birthday instead of a big, merrier one. Yup... a boring one.

Somehow... things turn out to be positive and weeeeeeeeeeee!!!

For all this while, I thought I might reach KL late in the evening because I suspected there will be a massive traffic jam along the road. Luckily, I managed to skip the traffic and reach home in the afternoon.

So, that has allowed me to had my 21st Birthday in Jogoya in Star Hill!
Ahwww... I should thank Eric for organizing everything for me. He has been such a lovely guy for all this while. Thank you sweety... *hugs*

And guess what? May was there too!

There were only 3 of us but the celebration was great. I really enjoy it (although I shouldn't enjoy that much).. Haha.. Granny. Don't worry, you're still in my heart.. hugs.. miss you granny.. :)

So here are we....

We'd been very naughty... :P

So, what is Jogoya?
Jogoya is a Japanese buffet with fresh seafood, variety of drinks, yummy desserts and anything you can think of in heaven. OMG! You will never believe what I'd eaten during in my birthday! I'd never ate so much for nearly 4 hours NON-STOP.
You heard me?


Eiksss... Now I can imagine how ugly I might look like during in the buffet. I was so obsessed with FOOODD!

Gosh! Suddenly, I feel like I was a... hungry monster!!!
Or something cuter?

The cute hungry monster! :P

Well, I won't blame myself for this because IT'S JOGOYA FAULT!

I'm innocent and they should be responsible to all of my shamefulness.

Look at these evidences!!!
You will know why I am 'blaming' them.... :(

My favourite tempayaki mixed mushrooms.

Cheese crab! Oh my.. one of my favourite dish!

Look at these.. again...
(I'm hungry now...!)

And I found something special during in Jogoya. Something like steamboat but much better than that.. It's in claypot style..

I've forgotten the name of this dish. But no worries, I will name it myself. Call it as... the Lobster Stone Claypot? haha...

I wonder, putting the stone and cook with lobster will taste better? I watched this in TV before and I didn't know I will get the chance to taste it! Yahoooooooooooo!

What's the different? Em...... nicer, special?

Another style of metal pot. It's the tom yam flavour. MY FAVOURITE!!!!!!!
I guess most of the girl love tom yam right? haha... spicy, sour and hot!

Last but not least... the paper pot with Miso soup flavour. Wait a minute. Did I just mention paper pot? Eeiiks! It's made by the thick quality paper and you can heat the soup with fire. Isn't that amazing? It will not burn. Lolx..

I did this in the laboratory room during in my secondary school time. The concept is similar like this, accept the paper used in Jogoya is high in quality.. (of course la kan?)

I shall say magic will happen in the presence of Science and Technology!

Besides, magic will happen when there is Candy Egg?

Oh.. Feel like family... :D

And fresh coconut drinks!

Pssst.... Their coconut is really ichiban!
No lying.. Omg.. I got myself 2..
Feel regret right now.. should at least get myself with 5!!!

This is Eric picking his food.. See the place. It's warm.

I've forgotten to capture my Kiwi drink before it almost went empty. Haha.. It was too yummy and it taste like 98% pure KIWI! :D

Look at my decoration. Nice?
In Jogoya, you can pour your creativity on your food. Isn't that wonderful? I've always wanted to do this and I did!

a) Few slices of watermelon
b) Few slices of honeydew
c) A slice of Kiwi fruit
d) A Scoop of Häagen-Dazs Vanilla ice-cream!

There is a cookies corner and I just manage to snap a photo before a guy stopped me. Luckily I have this! hehe... :)

And cakes! I just fall in love with their cakes. There are almost em.... 20 types of cakes? Wait.. let me count: Black Forest, Green tea, Tiramisu, Chocolate cake, Chocolate and mints, Peach, and.. and... sigh.. I can't remember.. there are too many of them! Eeerrr...

Never mind what's more important here is.... come.. Look at May and I artwork on this Tiramisu cake! We were too indulged with it... :)

Psst.... it tastes really really really fantastic!
Once tasted, you will never forget it for life!

At first, I did this.. and May and Eric were burst into laughter.
Why? What happen?

May claimed that..

"It look like.... sperm la"


Lolx... I thought it was artistic?
Haha... whatever.. I like it.. :D

Soon, she did this for me and I was really touched. Nice isn't it? HAha... accept.. no candles..

THanks Buddy.. :D

So, you know why I 'BLAME' Jogoya so much? It makes me look like a Hungry Monster in that 4 hours! How can I resist the temptation of not eating anything in Jogoya? I will feel stupid if I don't try everything there! Ok. I admit I'm stupid because I couldn't manage to try every single dish there. My disgestive system can't fit everything in. Oh my.. How I hope I can have a pocket like Doremon so that I can keep everything in it?

Wishlist: Get a pocket like Doremon... :P