28 September 2008

Curryegg's Art

Before answering anything for my previous post on where are those places in the photos, I have something interesting wanted to show you. Yes.. Something veli veli interesting...
Oh my...

I have sketched 2 pictures this afternoon and look at my art work! Nice?

Haha... they are inspired by my buddy, May. This is what she did... the pink nose pig. Haha.. cute?

Emm... I think we should create something unique and make our own cards or postcard. Then sell them!!!

Yes! Yes! Sell them and get $$$$
. Right now, I'm desperately wanting money. Muahahaha...

Why oh why? Well, remember my dream? I want to buy a DSLR digital camera using my money. Yes. 100% my own money..

But sigh. when will I get it?
I am still a student without any income...

*big sigh*

It's ok. Right now, I'm enjoying drawing something funny in the computer using my right hand. (Psst... I'm a left-handed). See, I can draw too using my right hand. Lolx... I think I should draw more starting by today.