18 September 2008

Tanglung Festival

Why? Why? Why?
September should be my month which is full of joy and fun. However, I am so busy, rushing my assignments and tests. Sigh... There is no way I can escape from this busy routine. Well, no worries. No matter how tight my schedule is, I still manage to steal some times for myself..


It may be late to post about my Mid Autumn celebration or better know as the Tang Lung Festival or Moon cake Festival in Malaysia. Well, better late don't never right? hahaha....

Still remember my Adorable Doggies post? If you still remember, I've mentioned that I was in my granny's house, in Perak during the Moon cake celebration. Granny is no longer here anymore, and no one will ever predict that she will not celebrate this celebration with us. If only if I know.... sigh... I know, there is no use thinking the word "if".... I should keep my mind in presence...

So, this was how we celebrate the festival. Aunt had invited a few children to join us - double the people, double the fun.. :D

Children just love playing with candles and it reminded me about my childhood. I remembered how enthusiastic I was when mum allow me to play with candles. I love looking at the light and it looks beautiful. But the sad thing is, I always being burnt by fire (even till now). I don't know why but I am a real careless girl. So, usually I love watching others playing with fire rather than I, play with fire.

That's why, this time I just being the photographer, snapping photos and not playing with candles. Oh ya. Besides playing with candles, aunt had taught the kids making their own 'tang lung' (lantern). I told you, she is a creative lady who is good in artwork.

Yup yup.
You are looking at the right thing. They are the shopping paper bags. Can you believe it? Haha... I remembered how my uncle made a Pomelo skin lantern for me when I was small. It was fantastic because you need not worry the wind will blow off your candle. It's safe! Besides, he did make a lantern using 'Milo' tin. It's beautiful!

Gosh! Now, I really miss my childhood!
Doremon, bring me back to my past. Lolx....

During in the celebration, aunt had prepared some drink and tip-pits for us- Japanese tea, chocolate, Marshmallow and moon cake. Emm.... Marshmallow?

Look at these moon cakes!
Beautiful isn't it? And cute..... :D
Thank to the children's mother. She bought them for us. Ahww.... Yellow and green moon cake are my favourite (lotus seeds and pandan flavour).

Before the night went darker, I as the 'jie jie' (big sister) brought them for a short walk around the housing area. Each one of us took a lantern while walking along the street. It was fun and I just missed that moment a lot. They sang and dance all along the way.


They are so cute... :P

And they love watching the bright, round moon.. I love looking at the moon took. It makes me feel connected between the moon and the Earth.
So near... yet so far.. :P

P/s: Can you see any rabbit? Or fairies on the moon?
Lolx... :D