13 September 2008

Gaining Something Valuable

Few days ago, I was busy helping around my varsity's Buddhism Exhibition. It was tiring although I was in charged with the photography job. Besides, I had to send out flyers to the students in order to attract them to the hall. Tough job but fun.. :)

Being a member of the Buddhist Society, it makes me feel happy and warm as the people in the society are friendly and caring. No one will feel like a stranger. Instead, like a big family. It's pretty amazing isn't it? The atmosphere in the hall was peaceful and harmony which I enjoyed the most. Not to forget the freezing moment in the hall. Oh my. Everyone was shivering especially the members as we spent most of the hours in the hall. We had to wear jackets!

So, here are some photos during in the exhibition. Lucky enough, I managed to ask my friends to snap some photos of myself. Haha... :D

I love this... Really. This is creative don't you think so?

Oh ya.. I managed to pull Jane into the hall, asking her to visit our exhibition. And she did appear! I've been really happy to meet here. Ahwww.... miss her a lot!

Jane and I

As you can see, all of the work are done by hand making. Everything consumes so much time and work. I should really give a big compliment to all the members who have done them. Bravo! You guys have done a great job! They are beautiful and informative.

Do you notice the small area in the middle of the hall? You may be wondering what's the function of the small place. Well, it's a place in which I can rest and chit chat with my friends. The tea corner! :D

I love this moment a lot!

My senior who is good in making Chinese Tea... :D

Some books about Buddhism

Xiao Fei, my group member. She's such a nice girl. Happy working with her during in our project ;)

Another senior who is good in explanation about Buddhism. Isn't she look cute? haha...

Raining in the hall? XD
Jun and Hong Xing..

Wai Kin, a friend who I've known for a year. He's one of the drummer if you still remember.. :)

The 'wishing corner'

Everyone is allowed to write their own wishes in a piece of hand-made-card and then stick on the board. Well, I did make one and this is it...

This is Curryegg's wishes! Hahaha...

From this exhibition, I've increased my knowledge about Buddhism (especially Dharma) and at the same time widen my horizon in making friends. Nice right? This is something I'm hoping for- leading to a happy life.

All of us did have a great time and now, I've started missing my friends already. Hope that they are doing great in studies and keep in touch ya.. :)