25 September 2008

Back Into The Ancient Time

Last week, Shu Huan, Bei Shan and I were happily walking to the library to get ourselves something to read. We were joking, laughing and chatting all along the way before we spotted something shimmering in the middle of the road. Bei Shan thought that it might be a good idea to go nearer and have a look on it.

It was small, round and made by metallic.

"It is the ancient metallic pocket watch!", Shu Huan shouted excitedly.

"What? Ancient metallic pocket watch? Let me see, let me see!", I was surprised and immediately drawn nearer to Bei Shan to have a clearer view.

I guess I was too clumsy. The watch fell from my hand before I managed to examine it. A bright light came from the watch once it landed on the ground and the next thing we found out we were in a dark room. No. It was not a dark room.. Instead, it was a dark, cold building.

"Where are we?", Bei shan finally broke the silence. None of us manage to utter a single word when we found out we were in a strange place.

"Hey girls! Look at these!", Shu Huan whispered in a strange tone when she spotted something. I guess it must be something freaky.

"Oh my... where are we? And who are they?", I gasped when I managed to peep all these people in strange costumes over a tiny hole on the rough-old-wall. Wait a minute. I think I saw this costumes before. Somewhere in the TV about the ancient time. Gosh! We are back to the ancient time? Impossible!

My heartbeat skipped a few seconds.

Three of us were too afraid to walk nor speak. Tears started to burst out unconsciously and the next thing we did is hugging each other so tightly, in a corner behind the big wall.

"I wanna go back", Shu Huan sobbed.

I want to go back too, but how? I don't event know what is happening to 3 of us. I guess the metallic pocket watch took us here. Wait a minute. We should get back the watch and find way back to home.


Now. Where is the watch?


"Girls, let search for the watch. I think someone must have put a spell on the watch", I suggested to my friends. Thinking of it gives me goose bumps.. eeiih....

Quietly, the three of us searching for the item, in the hope to go back soon. None of us wanted to be trapped in this stone age. Noooooooooooo! PLEASE.
Someone please slap my face and wake me up. I must be dreaming!

We had spent nearly an hour looking for the watch. Unfortunately, the pocket watch still lost in sight. *sigh*

As we were about to give up hope in looking for the watch, unexpectedly Shu Huan spotted the watch. It was hidden between the rocks. Oh my GOD!

"We can go back now!!!!!!!", I jumped and shouted loudly.

As I was so excited holding the watch on my hand, suddenly, I felt something strange. Ouch! Someone poked my face.. Ouch!

"Hey!", I screamed as I woke up from the table. I could feel my saliva wetting my cheeks. I was day dreaming again? Wait a minute. Where am I?

"Kelly. Eehwww... your saliva.. You fall asleep just now?", Shu Huan was the one who poked my face.

"Yeah. I guess I am too tired", I answered nonchalantly.

"So are you going to join us? We are going to visit the PTUM Expose. Bei Shan is waiting out there", Shu Huan added.

"Of course! I miss my chocolate+peanut waffle!!! Let's go and get more!!!", immediately I kept all my books and dashed down to ground floor of the library with her.


Now I remember. The dream I had while in the library was regarding to the PTUM Expose (PTUM- Pesta TangLung University Malaya) in my varsity. I must have watched too much of Harry Potter. Lolx....


So, here is the reality with no metallic pocket watch...

Welcome to the University of Malaya in Qin Dynasty (I should find out about the dynasty again. Might be wrong..). Yes.. Qin Dynasty in which you can see Shi Huang Di walking around.. Hahah... We were back to 221BC-206BC. That's long long ago... :P

And we saw a gigantic mooncake!
Where should we start eating this?
So far, I love this expose. I heart for their decoration and stalls especially the waffle stall! Lolx... They made a good waffle and I bought it twice! Sad to say that the expose just last for 3 days.. Sigh... no more waffle.. sob.. :(

It's OK.
I can get it somewhere else. No worries.

Come, lets join me into the world of Qin Dynasty... XD
The PTUM exhibition..

I love this background. If only if I can spend more time snapping photos in this reddish ancient background, that will be great! Hahaha...

Overall, the exhibition look like this.
All were done by the students. Isn't that fantastic? They used only papers, boxes and other recycle items. Wow... And did you see the horse on the floor? It was made by newspaper.. Lolx... Creative and innovative!

This time I really see people wearing ancient costumes. No lie! This is the proof! Am I dreaming again? Slap me!


Well, the three of us were having super fun time in the hall. Oh my.. I can't forget this moment when we were so crazy... hahaha...

Shu Huan and me...

Before we left the hall for class, Bei Shan spotted this sit... a sit for the KING! Wow! King!
I want to sit to! Lolx...

Again, the three of us we excited snapping photos. All of us pretended to be the KING! Well except me. I want be the QUEEN!

Bei Shan- The King who can't effort a pair of shoes.. Lolx...

And I am the slave...
"Your highness...." :P

Shu Huan- The King who can effort a pair of shoes.
Lolx... I can't imagine if Bei Shan and Shu Huan read this... :P

And me, as The Egg Queen... aiyo... I should name myself as The Curry Queen la.. Sound so strange when I read this right now. Ahhww.... whatever..

Now, call me as The Egg Queen.

Serve me like this....

The end for my "Back Into The Ancient Time" story...

P/s: I must have day dreaming a lot... :P