10 September 2008

Never Stop Believing

Although it has been 9 days away from my birthday, I still can't believe I've finally reached 21. For all this while, I thought the age of 21 should be something exciting, beautiful and full of freedom! Again, I am wrong. Assignments, tests and activities are tying me, so tightly until I could hardly breath. Each day, I could feel my eyes getting more and more wrinkles... errr... :(

Where is my freedom? Sob... ;(

There is nothing much changing around me. In fact, the only thing which changes the most is the way I perceive thing. I start to realize that I'm slowly changing. For example, a boat doesn't just sound like a transport to me. Boat can also indicate as a romantic moment you have with your love one, playing guitar while she holding the umbrella for you. Besides, boat shows survival and courageous when one is lost in the middle of the vast ocean. Even, you can see boat as a decorative item.

That's mean, nothing should be viewed in just one perceptive as you can explore the other angle as well. Trust me, exploration always gives surprises.. You will soon discover how creative you can be... :)

Each day, I get to meet new people, new incidents, new items, new words, new music and etc....
From these new 'information', receptor cells of the 5 senses (sight, smell, touch, hearing and tasting) start to make their own messages and channel to the brain. Next, the brain will start analyzing and perceiving every information which it gets and each time, your perception changed.

I will call that as maturity. It shows we are slowly developing each day and I know very well that I'm developing as an adult. I might be childish sometimes, but that doesn't show I'm immature. You get me?

I'm a 21 year old girl now (should I call myself as lady? emm...) and I'm waiting a good opportunity to shoot the stars. Tho it may be hard to be reached, yet no one should stop dreaming and trying isn't it?

Sometimes I am afraid I might be lost and sometimes I am afraid to be alone. Walking on the road that we choose isn't easy as we will face different circumstances and challenges on every steps. Somehow, I always keep in mind that as long as I'm happy and contented with whatever I choose, there will be no regret. I have only one life and I want to use it beneficially.

Em.... maybe I should try cooking my own secret recipe?


What's your dream? Have you achieved it? I can't wait to hear your story.... XD