30 September 2008

Answer For 2nd Picture

Short Note: I'd been struggling the whole night fixing my computer. A sudden blackout occurred. Sigh... I've to re-edit my photos again in this morning. But don't worry. Everything is ok now. Enjoy my trip in XXXXX.... :P

Good morning my friend. How are you today?
Sorry for the delay of my post. There was a sudden blackout last night while I was editing my photos. UUhhh..... why it happened while I was half way finishing my job? Eeeerrrrr.... Should I be angry? Well, it's ok. I should be happy for the incident because I had allowed myself to sleep early. Right now, I'm energetic and ready to rock my blog!


So, anybody wanna make their last guess on my guessing games?
Where is this place?

From this picture, I believe you are aware of 3 main objects.
A tower, an oval shape object and a familiar car. Well, where is it?

Could it be the KL Tower? No no.... it is not in Malaysia..
How about the 101 Tower (Taiwan)?
Kyoto Tower (Japan)?

What about the car? It looks so much like a local car- Kenari.
But where are these egg shaped objects come from?

Let's hear from curryegg.com's readers.


# 1st detective - Nester

"I am not much of a travel guy but i think the empty egg skeleton look like some where in smart tunnel" (I only imaging, if our smart tunnel look like that i must have been missing a lot lately *grin*)

# 2nd detective - Joshuatly

"i dont think it is in KL..."

# 3rd detective - anymous

"perhaps in Thailand?"

# 4th detective - 3point8

"Hmmm...second pic. That car closest looks like a proton made car. and the van, is only something we can see in a not so rich asian country... Is that place in spore?"

# 5th detective -
the one who never give up in trying - 闇X7

a) First answer: "Somewhere in KL? (-o-)\...?"
b) Second answer: "Is it somewhere in Europe?"

c)Third answer: "Somewhere in China? Macau? Caz the tower seems like Macau Tower but since when Macau Tower is surrounded by egg shaped buildings?" ;p


Eeemmm..... Look like my 5 talented detectives are trying their best in guessing my photo. Well, sorry to say that, there is only one 'winner' in this games. Sigh... sorry guys. So, who are the lucky winner? Let me proudly present you, the one and only one...


Lolx.... Congratulation!!!!!
What a lucky guy who managed to post in his answer before I woke up this morning. Haha.. I guess you have found out my previous posts on my Macau trip, right??

Oops.. Did I just say Macau?
Yup. It's in Macau and the tower is called the Macau Tower. Read my previous post on Macau Tower if you haven't. Click here.

It was raining cats and dogs during in my last day in Macau. It rained the whole day and I was trapped in the bus. Luckily, the bus driver was so kind, willing to travel around the town for us to have a look.


Instead of sitting quietly in the bus, as usual, curryegg will spend most of the time, holding her camera and captured every valuable moment. Can you see the drops of rain water in some of the pictures? Take it as a proof that I was really in the bus. Lolx..

Well, about this giant eggs, they are the decoration in that particular area. I didn't get the chance to have a closer look since I was in the bus and the rain was like - Oh my God! Somehow, I have to make this confession, that the Eggs are not located near the Macau Tower. In fact, they are quite far. That's mean, the photo is just a trick for the eyes.. Hehehe... :P

Don't angry k?
Curryegg has prepared some of the photos for you.

There are 3 main bridges in Macau and this is one of them. Each of them has different designs.

I guess we were a little lucky because the rain stopped when we were in the town. As a result, we managed to dropped by this famous historical wall. Well, it was a building hundreds of year ago. But right now, it left only the wall.

Ruins of St.Paul's, the façade of what was originally the Cathedral of St. Paul built in 1602.

Before we managed to snap a few more photos in the place, again, it rained. Sigh... why oh why? I just want a few more photos, can't I Mr. Rain? Sob...

Sadly, we left the place, wet and soaked.
"I don't wanna go home with nothing in my stomach. I'm cold and hungry!".

I guess God had heard my whisper. The rain stopped again when I reached a shop call Bossini. Thank God! Really thank... *smile*

So, I managed to snap a few more photos around the area. There are lot of shops which sell clothes and sourveniors.

There are lot of old buildings as well.

And I managed to snap a photo at a big lotus pond. Yeah! Lucky me... :D

Before I settled down in a restaurant for lunch, I had spotted something familiar.. Something.. something... Oh! Starbucks Coffee in ancient building. Wow! I guess the coffee must taste nice in there.

Well, my family and I didn't have lunch in there. Instead, we had our meal in....

I'm loving it!

Yes. We had our lunch in McDonald. At first, I was surprised when Kirro took us to McD. I was tired of fast food and I didn't wanna have any fast food when I was in foreign country. Enough for me to have them in Malaysia. Somehow, Kirro managed to convinced us to have McD in Macau.

The main reason is because of...


There was pork burger in McD! Ahwwwwwwww....
It was my first time having something non-halal in McD. Am I dreaming? Lol... And it tasted superb with sweet sour source on the grilled pork. Oh my. I will never ever forget the taste... :)

Now I miss McD in Macau...