24 September 2008

No Life

Hello guys..
Curryegg is facing self-conflict here.
Can you please help her?

She had been to a counseling session, 2 days ago. Oh my... a counseling session?
What happen to hear? Is that so serious?
*roll eyes*

During in the counseling session:

The counselor: So, anything you wanna share with me?
Me: Emmm.... well, lately I find myself hardly concentrate in my studies. I can't read more than 20 minutes.

The counselor: Well, what cause you loss your concentration?
Me: I guess I'm too addicted to TV drama show and surfing the internet..

The counselor: What do you do when you surf the internet?
Me: *scratching my head*
I played facebook, chat in msn and blog.

The counselor: How long do you usually spend your time there?
Me: *figuring the figure* Emmmm...... averagely... 5 hours? Oh my.. 5 hours? I don't even realize this. Gosh! What should I do?

The counselor: You are aware that 5 hours are too long and you wish to change don't you?
Me: Yes... yes... I know I should.. but how?

The counselor: Here are a few suggestions. Firstly, change your homepage into other educational website so that you're not easily drawn into your 'routine'. Secondly, don't sign in your MSN automatically. This will allow you to think twice before you enter the messenger. If you find it hard to control yourself, then you can try not to switch on your computer until your task is done.

*trying to control myself from being insane*

Gosh! I have to give up everything including blogging?
Please.... NOOOO!!!!



No blogging?

I rather wrap myself with toilet paper... T_T

Can you imagine it...?
Curryegg is not allow to blog?
Then what will happen to my blog?

Goodbye my blog, goodbye my friends....

Well, actually the situation is not that bad. Haha... don't worry..

The counselor was actually my senior who was doing her counseling practice. I volunteered myself for the counseling session. Someday, I will be the one who counsel others - helping my clients in searching for their goal and at the same time motivating them. Isn't that great? I can't wait any longer... :D

Well, before giving any counseling session, I should first stop myself from being an internet addict. I did manage to stay away from the computer for 2 days. Yes 2 days!
Wei.... two days are a lot for me... 48 hours!


Haha.. I don't purposely stop myself from surfing the net. It is all because of my assignments. I slept at 5am yesterday and woke up at 7am. Right now, I can see stars, moons and sun spinning on my head. I guess I should sleep now.

Good night and see you tomorrow...
Oopss... tomorrow? :P