07 September 2008

UM Buddhism Exhibition 2008/09

After spending nearly 6 months preparing for the Buddhism Exhibition in University Malaya, finally the day has arrived. Oh my. Do you believe it? It's 8th of September 2008 and the exhibition is now ready to be visited by the public.

I'm one of the member in this Buddhist Society and my job is to spread the news about this exhibition... Well, I'm more than willing to help in the publicity part as this is my first mega project!

So, if you're staying in Kuala Lumpur and PJ, do feel free to visit our exhibition. It's free for admission, so don't worry! How about UM students? Oh my, if you happen to bump into my blog and have read this post, I 'warn' you, YOU MUST COME!

Ok ok... I'm just joking.. :P

Before showing our flyer, let me show you some of the members who are working extremely hard for this project. You will meet them if you are there, in our exhibition hall.. :)

My publicity group.. :)

June.. :)

What you can learn from this Buddhism Exhibition?
You will get to understand deeper about the meaning of Buddhism. Besides, you can get the chance to understand more about Dharma and some background behind this Dharma teaching.

What you can get?
Meeting new people and have fun with us!

So, this is our flyer and do click on the image to enlarge it.
See you there.. :)

P/s: If you happen to be there, do search for the camera-girl... Why? Haha.. Because I will be the camera-girl.. :P