08 October 2007

6 Days Left For My Pool

As usual, I am having my computer class right now. (Oopss!) But don't worry. Today will be my last class and our lecture lets us watch a movie: The Pursuit of Happiness. I think it must be a great movie.

However, my blog has grabbed my attention more than the movie
While watching, I am blogging as well.
I just wanna remind you guys that there are still another 6 days left for my survey: How to make my blog interesting. So far, I've received 10 votes from you guys and thank you! I really appreciate your contribution.

For those that haven't participate, I hope that I will get your votes soon. I need them. Every vote means a lot to me.
So please help me k? Thank you... hugs!

Talking about my previous post, I am a 'Photoholic' girl! Haha.... That's why my blog is full of photos. I think people around me will be a bit dangerous because I keep on taking photos of them and blog it here. Lol.. Haha... Of course, I will keep the word 'privacy' in my mind.. Don't worry ok my friends.... ^^

Before leaving, I will like to inform that I will blog 2 posts in these few days. There are: 'Day with Fashion Designers' and 'I Met JackieChan'.
Curious what it's?
Please stay tune and see you soon!
Tata... ;D