16 October 2007

Never Compare Between You and Me

I chat with my friend yesterday in MSN and the conversation really hurt me a little.
He has a website and it's nice honestly. He tires all the way to earn more money via his website including searching for more ads, buying others article and increase his website ranking.

It's good to see his improvement in these few months and I even hope that he will success. I did ask him to visit my blog and give some comment. However, he check my ranking and typed,

"Yours is 462,771 (not the real number he told me but there are 6 digits). My ranking is better than you le...", he wrote.

"And why did you put the blog name as curryegg.com? You're using blogspot right?", he added.

Ok. Fine. I know my ranking is low and that name might sound weird. But I love my blog. I know I know... my blog is nothing if compare to...

Perez Hilton- The queen of all media. It's about celebrity gossip

Xiaxue - One of the famous and popular Singaporean blogger. From a blogger, she turns up to be a celebrity in Singapore. I admire her a lot.

Kennysia- A famous Malaysian blogger. I love the way he blogs, cute, humorous and interesting.

Nicolekiss- Her blog has grabbed a lot of attention from all around the world. She is gorgeous and the way she blog is interesting too!

My blog is nothing if comparing to them. They are famous and even popular. Mine is just a very simple blog with no popularity at all. However, this is my blog, my journal, my daily dairy. All I hope is that my blogger friends will enjoy my blog and share thoughts together. Life is dull and meaningless without sharing in this world.

Thank you guys.
Thank you curryegg.com.