09 October 2007

Day With Fashion Designers

Who is the fashion designer that I mean?
Of course, she's Ms Irene!

I did blog about her before. Here is the post: "Wow! Fashion Show!"

While wandering around with them, I started to hear names like Prada, Versace, Aigner, Ermenegildo Zegna and Hermes. I never heard about those brands in any shopping mall before (accept Prada). All I know are Giordano, Nike, Seed, Padini and M&G. Irene told me that those famous brands can be found in Pavilion. Cool! But I don't think I can afford to buy even a simple T-shirt in those branded shops..... ;(

Not long after that, Irene took us to Madam Kuan for lunch. I love that place and its banana splits. Look! I love it... It's so cute. haha...

Miss Irene
Banana Split

Soon, we went to Star Hill which is not far from Pavilion. It's a beautiful place but smaller compare to Pavilion. She showed me around with excitement. She knows the place very well. Not long after that, she treated us to a high class restaurant to have coffee. Emm... It was Tiffin Bay. I was stunned actually. I never went to any place like that:

Milk shake

It was amazing! I love the place. They even have a pianist and we were lucky because we had the chance to hear the pianist playing Lee Hom's song, Forever Love song. Ahhh.... So sweet and romantic.. ;)

Going to such a classy restaurant, everything is expensive. Irene being so generous to treat us again. Uuhh.... Thank Irene. I should treat her next time..

Of course, it is not the end of our date. I should continue my 'journey' in my next post.
Stay tune!