07 October 2007

The Answer For The Guessing Game!

Some answered it as a whale...
Some answered it as a ship...

The real answer is.... a truck. Lorry?
Wendy was almost getting the answer. Anyway, congratulation to you! hehe...

It was a truck. However I am not sure with the type of the truck. I saw this in the Plus rest place in Tapah,Perak. It was huge!

Do you know that there was a big rubber smell once I went near the truck. Undesirable odour.. Blueek... ;(
I am wondering, why they out the tyres out there? Isn't fragile? Better protection? Look cool? New design? Or what??? @_@


I just came back from a gathering with my best friend, Irene. Glad to meet her, her brother and her friend. Will blog it tomorrow since I am really tire now.
Good night my friends... Sweet dream for me ya?