04 October 2007

Fire in My Faculty?

"4th October 2007 has come....
And we... have prepared for it...."
The Assignments Of Professor Dr. Suradi Salim...

We were preparing to pass up!

Anyway... before that....

Cheer up!

Everyone of us in the class has prepared our work and ready to be sent to our lecturer. We went to class early and there were still another 15 minutes.. So.. We decided to capture the sweet moment of us.. ;)

Posing time!My course mates..

There are really less guys in my class..
This is my good 'mei mei'... I wonder why she keeps telling me that I look like her sister... Eemm....
I love this photo a lot but I can't really saw my friends who were behind us.. Shall take another 1 next time.. ;)

While we were so happily enjoying our sweet moment in the class, there were actually something happened in the faculty... Something that was so frightening and even might threaten our life! We never ever think of... there were something unpredictable happened on us.. Something that we never wish for..

What I was trying to tell you is that....
Fire in the faculty!

Save your life!

Once we reached the main door, we saw men in blue uniform were waiting for us. Uuhh? "Is this a real fire?", I started to questioning.

We were even worried to see the fire-brigade. "Fire?"

Not long after that, we started to make noise. We kept on shouting and screaming for help!
"Assignments! Assignments!"

We'd worked so hard for it. Of course we were worrying!

However, not long after that, we saw a man... who was holding a video camera. Then, we knew that it was actually a practise. Lol... haha...

We were asked to gather in the car park. All the students and staff were gathered there.

A man who was in charged taught us about ways to stop the fire. Besides, he even explain the precautions that we should take during fire..

What I could remember is that, we need to switch off all the electrical stuff (Lights, air-condition, fans and etc). This will decrease the possibility of fire being spread out from room to room. Next, never hide in the bathroom when there is fire in the building. It's not the fire that kill us, it's the thick smoke! It will kill us in 4 minutes time. Scary uh?

Some one is putting on fire! Call 999!

We also being taught the way of putting off the fire. Cool uh? hoho..

This is the wrong way..
Fire will be even bigger if you're not using the right way.

My 'mei mei' (Sister) who was being selected among us to try to put off the fire.
Great job!

At the end of the show, we went back to our class and found out that our lecturer has gone! Uuhhh.... Sad.... ;(