24 October 2007

Are You Beautiful?

As I was doing my revision about eating disorders (Psychology), I came across with two familiar terms: Anorexia nervosa and Bulmia nervosa.
These 2 eating disorders are common in our society now, even in Asia.

  • Anorexia Nervosa: An eating disorder involving intense fears of gaining weight coupled with refusal to maintain normal body weight.
  • Bulimia Nervosa: An eating disorder in which individuals engage in recurrent episodes of binge eating following by some form of purging.

Both of these disorders will bring fatal if left untreated.

While I was reading this topic, I was wondering what's the meaning for beauty? Why do people especially the females have the perception that being thin is beautiful? Why are the females willing to spend some big amount of money to reduce their weight? (Marie Claire,London...etc..)

And Why?

Since the mid 1960s, standards of female beauty changed drastically in many countries, shifting from a preference for voluptuous, well-rounded figures to a much slimmer shape. (Baron, R. A. & Kalsher, M. J. 2005)

This shifting of mind of the society that being thin is beautiful is influenced by the media. For example, slim, sexy female models are used in the advertisement in the TV or on the first cover of the magazines. This has changed the perception of the society that being slim is preferable and attractive. Thus, everyone especially the females are trying to be as slim as they can.

Slim legs...

Of course, no one want to see models like for example...

this.... ;(
It's unhealthy anyway..

The influence of the media is so strong that every girls are trying to be as slim as they can to fit on the S size shirt... or maybe XS size. Ever since I stepped into the teenage world and now.. youth, I keep on hearing complains like:

"Oh no! I've gained weight! I must stop taking my lunch and dinner now."
"My legs are too flashy. Sob... I wanna be like Jolin"
"Curryegg, my face look chubby. What should I do?".
"I wanna be like XXXXX. Slim, sexy..."

Are they sound familiar to you? Well, I should say besides the girls, guys start to worry about their weight and look too. I've some boy friends that are so worry about their weight. As a result, they skip their meals or exercise excessively in order to look slim and fit.

Sometimes, I really don't understand that why being slim is beautiful? It's not attractive at all when you're too thin....

Isn't that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder? A person who is confident, friendly, kind, generous, intelligence and any term that you can name them for good reason will be more attractive rather than just good physical look?

Before, I was so concerned about my features. I wanted my eyes to be bigger, rounder, a high nose and a smoother skin.

I dreamed to be like......
Jolin Tsai
Britney Spears (the previous her)

Christina Aguilera

They look so perfect to me.
However, when I saw these:

Click here for more information.

Well, those models, or celebrities that you've seen in the magazine are not 100% the real of them! Most of the photos have been edited and modified using certain software like photoshop to make them look better. A person can look slimmer after being edited using the software and it's definitely a false look (I mean some). Besides, make-up will make a person look better.

Of course, if I know how to edit my photo using photoshop and make-up to cover my weakness, I will do it too. haha.. for the sake of beauty...physically.. ;D

Soon, I learn that inner beauty is what we should have as a human like Princess Diana (She's beautiful as well). I stop complaining about myself. I start to look in a different perspective about the meaning of beauty.

To be beautiful, we should have:


Without confidence, no matter how beautiful you're, others will not notice your beauty. It applies to both female and male.

Healthy body!

You're nothing when you're unhealthy physically, mentally and emotionally. Just imagine, you keep on curving your grumpy look, being sick all the time and stress all the while? Get a life!


People won't be around if you're not friendly. Just smile when meeting with people but don't force yourself if you don't want to. It will look fake..

No matter how we look like, we're beautiful. Here's a song by Christina Aguilera's that I dedicated to all of us....
Remember... We're beautiful, no matter what they say..... ;D