18 October 2007

Men's Push-Up Underwear VS Women's Push-Up Bra

I couldn't stand laughing when I was reading Kennysia's blog.
It's about the men's push-up underwear. For all the while, I thought there are only push-up bras in the market. However, in this modern era, things that seem impossible have turned to possible.

Kenny did blog for this for some months ago and now he's really take the guts to try it. Gosh! I wonder how the men wear it?

I truely agree that what he said about women need the push-up bra to make themselve look more attractive. I should say to look more women. For us, the most important organ: Breasts.

Every different women has different size of breasts. Some are big, some are small. We name it as cup A, B, C, D, E and F!
Of course, every women wish to have attractive breasts... at least they are not as flat as the airport (like what the Chinese describe them) Lol....

I am wondering why the Chinese use the air port to compare with the women's breasts which are flat. Unfair! Eerr.... ;(

So, we need those push-up undergarment (Audrey, Xixili, Modiform, pasar malam, or you-name-them) to make us look more perfect.

This is the woman's secret...

But some women don't even need any bra to look attractive. They are the real sexy women I should say.

Maybe to be as sexy as Jessica Alba?

Jessica Simpson?

Marilyn Monroe.

See.. They can be sexy without any bra. But...

Britney Spears?

I think she needs a push-up bra for this. It'll shape her breasts up and look more attractive.

What about the men? Do they need the push-up underwear too? Oh gosh! I didn't feel that wearing it will make a guy look neither attractive nor masculine. It's weird man. Too BIG??!!

Unless you've a masculine body shape like them. Then it should be alright I guess.
But still, it's weird for me. lolx...

OMG.... @_@

Sometimes I am wondering, do the men know how suffer a woman is when she's wearing a push-up bra in which the cups for the breasts are reinforced by under wires made of metal originally, or plastic? Wearing it for the whole day is hurt and uncomfortable. So, guys, please be tolerance to your girlfriend or wife sometimes.. Lol... ;)

For my opinion, inventing this push-up-underwear for the men is one of the greatest invention for them to understand at least slightly about the pain (or the uncomfortable feeling at least..) that the women face for centuries... Muahaha.....

Should I encourage the men to wear it?

Just 'Wear' it!!!