04 October 2007

UM Election Day

I am free now!

I was so busy in these few days. Sorry for not blogging for some days. I was so busy with assignments, classes and events! What's the event? Lol.... Shhh..... ^^

This Tuesday, 2 October 2007, my university was having an election. About this election, we will choose those selected students to become our leader. It is almost similar to the real election. Politics....

I was a bit shock with the election process. Students were busy 'promoting' themselves to gain our votes. Lol... Take a look....

They were those selected students... ;)

I got a lot of these "Manifesto" paper from them. They were trying to introduce themselves and wish to win our votes. I was so busy receiving papers from them. Lol... what should I do to them now since the election day has over? Em.... use it as draft paper?

Every corner in UM, you will see papers hanging every way.

My faculty.

My Faculty.
Papers were every way.
We should save the tree!!!

Days after election: Today (4 October 2007)


Bus stop which near the library.

Well, those papers and banners are still hanging there. I wonder how long will they clean the place? I heard that there were news about this election. I wonder what they are about..

I did my first election on 2 October 2007 and it was so real! They followed the procedure: Take along with your IC and student card. Get 2 forms. Then cross those candidate that you like on a box. Next, put into the box. Done.

For your information, there will be election for every year. That's mean I will see this again.... next year? Oohhh.....