10 October 2007

I Met Jackie Chan!!!

Do you know who is Chan? Jackie Chan? The world famous Chinese artist. 'I Love Him!!!'
Well, I saw him on last weekend with Irene. Guess where did I meet him?

In California Fitness Centre in Bukit Bintang! In the booklet I mean. Lol...

Here he is! Jackie Chan! I saw him HERE, in the booklet. Haha.. Of course it was not the real Jackie Chan that I saw. I lied.

Have you heard about this centre? It's cool!

After spending a wonderful time in Tifanny Bay, Star Hill with Irene and her brother and friend, we then lead to the California Fitness Centre which is located not far from there. It is a 5 storey building and I was totally amazed with the 'inside'.

It is located opposite to Lim Kok Wing's Building.

Actually, Irene and her friend are interested to join the fitness centre. So, we went there to get some information. As soon as we reached there, we were guided by a young Chinese consultant. Sad... We were hoping for a leng chai like Lee Hom to guide us.. Sob.. :(
Haha.. Joking.. Anyway, he was really friendly. He briefed us with the information about the centre and even took us around to have a look. Before that, Irene and her friend were asked to fill in a form.

I love this photo. Don't know why. Maybe because of its angle?

Soon, we followed the young man to each stairs. The place made me feel energetic. It made me wanna shake! Shake~ Shake~ ;)

Those promotion.. It made the place look crowded. Ehww... ;(

I saw this in the second floor. Those photos are the coaches that are available here. They are masculine. Emm.... ;)

Here is the third floor. Look! Gym! I never been to any places like this!
I wanna run!

Hi tech.
Closer look..
Em.... Digital stuff.. Look really new to me. Can I press them? :)

This is a room which is specially built for women. Sometimes girl like me is a bit shy. So, female who feel uncomfortable doing gym with the male can enter this room. Nice service dude!

Here is the 4th floor.

There are even water supply machines in there. That's mean you won't die of thirst there. Kekez... I've tried the water. It tasted bad. Like 'air paip'. Unfiltered water?

The 5th floor is the bathroom for both sexes. There are sauna in 5th floor but I didn't get the chance to see it. After the visit, we went back to the ground floor and have further discussion about the member application. Irene and Jack were very interested in it. I heard, there are even yoga and aerobic classes. Gosh! That was cool! But......

This photo was taken from their website. Click here.

I really wish to join but.... I can't afford the fee. I am still a student remember? A full-time student. Even if I am working, I will still control myself... because...

First payment will be RM 329 for the gold package. Then for the next following two months, member will need to pay RM 199 for each month. Maybe it is worthy for some of you but I still can't let myself in. I want to buy a camera!

I am trying to keep my pocket money for it. Maybe in another 8-10 years, I can buy it? Lol...
After the explanation about the fee and schedule, Irene and Jack have finally made a decision to join the centre. It was such a long procedure. They needed to sign agreements for each of them and pay deposit as well. When things are done, the consultant keyed in their particular into the computer and finally, a member card was done!

As they were busying doing their stuff, I was busying taking photo around. I was really curious with this machine. I heard it is used to track our weight and the percentage of fat in our body. Really? Curious.. @_@

Not long after that, we went back to Sungai Wang and had dinner there. It was already dark out there. I will post those night view photos in my another post. See ya.. ^^