13 October 2007

A Warm Hari Raya

I've never been to any places as lovely as Mrs Kia's house for my entire life. She made us feel like we're at our own home and belong to her family.

Yesterday, my family and I and Mrs Diana and her son visited Mrs Kia's house for the first time. We were shocked as we reached the place. The place was not a well-planned area even though it is located in Kuala Lumpur, a big city of Malaysia. Look like illegal houses for me.

What did you see?

Soon, we entered the place and searched for Mrs Kia's house. Along the way, I observed the place and took some photos of them.

The wall.. Raw, unpainted wall.

The stairs.
Soon, we found her house. My first impression for her house was just a normal, unattractive house since her surrounding has made up my perception.

Mrs Kia was happy and excited to see us there. She welcomed us with her warm smile and invited us into her house. As I entered her house, I felt a sudden ashamed of myself for making a wrong judgement. Her house was beautiful. Better than my house... ;(

Star fruits! Haha... of course they are fake.

I like this...

MORAL: Don't judge a house by it's surrounding. Look the inside first! Remember ok?

Mrs Kia was preparing food for us while we were waiting in the living room. Me? Of course, I was busying taking photos. Haha.... I've a busy job ok? ;)

Ti ti was so excited looking at those 'kuih'.. haha.. cuisine...

This is what we call 'kuih' in Malay. They were yummy. I love the pineapple tart which is on the left of this photo. YUMMY!!!

What are those red in color thing? They are fruit. Maybe prunes? But I am not sure with the name. All I know it's sour. Wuuoo... Too red for me... Dare not try.

Here are Mrs Kia's daughters. They were wearing the same clothes. Oh ya my dear blogger friends, this is the baju kurung that I mean.

This is how 'baju kurung' look like. Nice?

Soon, we were invited for lunch. Once my dad and I saw the presentation of the food with its irresistable, pleasant aroma, we know that the food must be really delicious. Everyone who was there couldn't resist the tempation any longer. We tried the food immediately and as what we have expected, they are really nice. Even nicer than the O-town white coffee shop's 'redang ayam'.
Tumb up!
Emm..... Izzit 'nasi rebung'? Mrs Kia told us that she has cook this for 24 hours! She steamed it with salt, water... that's all. This rice can stand for a week. Really? Amazing!

Ohh... my lovely, spicy 'sotong'.. This is my favourite among the others.

Curry chicken! Full with cream from the coconut.

Couldn't resist the temptation any longer... *makan!*

I've asked Mrs Kia to open a 'Nasi lemak' stall in the future as a part-time business. Every food that she made was so delicious and it will be a good idea to make a small business on it. I am sure I will be the first customer for her restaurant or stall.. haha...

After the lunch, we spent some times chit chatting in the living room. That wouldn't be my topic of course. So, I chat with Mrs Kia's daughter and playing with them. Besides, I did some survey too. I saw something in the kitchen.

This is what we call 'nasi pulut'. I love it...

There were even snack for us. This was made by eggs.
There were even neighbours who visited her house. Feel like I am a Malay too in this photo. Haha..

Before leaving, Mrs Kia gave me a 'Green pao' = Green packet. We call it as 'duit raya'. Haha... I was so excited!
Not long after that, we left the place with our 'overloaded' stomach. Lol... ;D

In the car, I started to peep my 'duit raya'.
Gosh! RM 10 notes. She was so generous. Thank you Mrs Kia.

At the end of this visit, I love Mrs Kia a lot and the place too. She even has taught me a lesson. We don't have to be rich to get people's respect. How we treat others will be reflexed to on how people treat us back. Although Mrs Kia is not a rich woman, her way in welcoming her visitors and her way in treating people has gained a high respect from the others (including me).

I will like to visit her house again in the next following year. I've book an advance appointment with her and I will be back for more 'Sotong!'..