17 October 2007

Chicken Day

Chicken day?
You wouldn't believe what had happened on me yesterday.
I was having my 'Chicken Day'.

Chicken day - A day which is full with chicken meals -by curryegg

Here is my story:

      • Breakfast = with a bowl of chicken soup noodle with a piece of chicken drumstick.
      • Lunch = mum bought me 2 pieces of fried chicken drumstick.
      • Dinner = 1 piece of KFC original fried chicken drumstick, 4 sticks of satey, 3 Mc Donald nuggets and 2 KFC nuggets.

Yesterday night, Eric has his early birthday celebration with her family. I was invited to attend the celebration. However, I never realise that my Tuesday was filled up with 'CHICKEN!!!'.

Satay! Satay!

Ohhh.. this is the fried pork. Oppss.. not chicken. haha..

The curry... we call it as 'kuah satay' or satay kuah source....
It is mix with peanut...
Can you see it? CHicken dishes...
I bought this Tiramisu cake for him as his gift. Of course, it's delicious. It's added with CHEESSEEE!!!! Em... yummy...

Happy birthday boy!
What a cute look. haha...

Wanna have a piece? Come... come... ;D

Undeniably, I am a chicken drumstick lover but eating too much of chicken has caused me losing my appetite on it. I couldn't even think of it anymore. I am phobia with it. Stop talking about chicken! OOhhh.... Shuuu.... shuuu.... stop thinking about it!

I think I will be a vegetarian for today.. and tomorrow as well. I need to 'clean up' my digestive system.. Lol...