07 October 2007


Everyone heard about the word shopaholic before?
How about workaholic?
And... Photoholic?


Well, it's not in the dictionary, so I guess this word hasn't exit. kekezz...
I believe that most of you've witness the craziness of people snapping photo ever since now and then. You may see people
  • capturing themselves in front of the mirror in the public toilet
  • taking photo in the restaurant with their food on the table.
  • posing stupid action in front of the camera in the middle of the road. Oopss.. haha...
  • smiling alone in front of the handphone (like an insane people)
  • spending hours and hours in front of the webcam or camera
  • putting nice, beautiful shirt and make-up on them but wearing short, old, ugly pants to snap photo. (self taking)
  • sneaking into the non-camera area and take some photos

From 7 things that I've listed, I did 7 out of 7. Haha... Accept for the make-up. Till now, I don't know how to make-up. I should learn.

Talking about this scenario, this things is common and is happening in our society now. Ever since digital camera and camera phone have been introduced to the world, people start to love snapping photo. Before, during in the olden time when films are used, the number of people using camera is really little.

The syndrome of SS- shiok sendiri/self-taking or I should say it's the virus of photo-taking. Let me name it as photo influenza, has started to spread seriously among the Malaysian. Even a small girl who aged 5 know how to use a camera and posing a cute look. Gosh! That was scary... Lol.. I should label them as the new millennium kids!

Ok, I should label myself as a new millennium girl too. I get this virus since my parents presented me a Olympus film camera when I was in standard 6 (12-years-old) and now I got a white Sony digital camera.. ^^
Maybe it's too early for me to get this virus but don't worry, I am not alone. My friends and seniors even get this virus too! Look!

Yesterday, there was a photo session for all Chinese in our college. (Kurshiah, 3rd college)
We needed to gather there at 7am sharp. Yup! 7am. It was early but most of us were late. We took about half an hour before everyone was there, Pokok Tanjung.. ;)


Before that, we've taken some photos among ourselves. We are actually being divided into 5 groups using fish names and I am in Qing Long Yu and this is my family..

There should be around 30 members but most of them were not here.. ;(

Not long after that, we were asked to walk to the selected location where we will snap photo. It was quite far actually.. ;(

Preparing for the walk...
Walking all the way just to snap photo? wow..

As soon as we reached there, we were asked to line up according to your height and sex. It was such a long queue.
Long queue

Everyone was getting their own position including me.
I was so busy snapping photos. Lol..

This is Shan and how... piece!

We didn't just stop there after the session. As usual, my family is the most active group in almost everything-including photo taking. Everyone including us grabbed this golden opportunity to take more photos between seniors and juniors.

Pity the camera man.. Lol.. He had waited for hours there.. ;)

Every group was so busy..

Of course, my group was busy too!
But one thing that I will never believe is that my family members are so addicted to photo taking.

We get the same syndrome : SS-shiok sendiri
We get the same virus : photo influenza

You don't believe me? Have a look !

My seniors.
One of our member was so excited. Do you know what I mean it?

I Want To Be A Model?
The Malaysian Next Top Model?

What's that?

We took nearly an hour there just to take photos among ourselves. We've tried to leave the place as early as we could but failed. We were tempted to take photos together and we wouldn't wanna miss any single chance. That's why we were stuck!

This happened on my course mates as well. We get the same virus as well : photo influenza!
to my horror, we stopped wherever we were just to snap photos! Haha...

The effect of photoholic:
  1. Late for class. (We've a English class at that morning but we were late..)
  2. Tired of smiling
  3. Hungry (Because of spending too long of time there...)
  4. Exhausted (Didn't bring my water container along)
  5. Never enough for memory space
  6. Low battery (camera) all the time

Once you get this virus, it will stay with you... forever..