27 October 2007


It's Saturday. It's not a TGIS (Thank-God-is-Saturday) for me. It's OGIS! (Oh-God-Is-Saturday)
THat's mean I've another 38 hours before my first paper: Kemahiran Maklumat. That's scary! I need to work hard for it but at the same time I wanna blog. Eerrrr......

There are hundreds of idea in my mind now and wish to blog it but sob.... I should say, "First thing first". No matter how hard my heart wanna blog, I need to be strong, be determined.

I.......... *gulp*
I've to stop myself from blogging for these few days. *I don't want*

I need to fully concentrate in preparing myself for my very first examination. It's something that I feel stress recently. I am thinking: How's the examination hall look like? How large it is? How is the paper? HArd? Easy? Uuhh......

I need to release my stress. Stop thinking curryegg. Oh ya... There is a happy news I've received from May. I just received her comment in Friendster and she commented:\

"Hi buddy.. Juz visited yr blog, it is amazing! Really i can see ur passion for blogging and ur initiatives taken to improve ur blog~ Well Done gal~ Interesting blog ^^"

I am so excited to receive it. Does that mean that I've improvement? Yahhoooo!
I will blog more and I know I will.... Cos I am addicted to it. Lol... ;D

Happy weekend and hope to see you guys soon!