12 October 2007

My 100th Post

100th Post!!!

Oh Dear....
Unexpectedly, this is my 100th post. I never realise it until I saw the number in my dashboard just now. Cool!

My History
I've started blogging since February, 2007. I've signed up for my blogger account for a year before but doing nothing on it until I saw Xiaxue's blog from Seventeen Magazine. From her blog, I've realised the power of blog in blogosphere. Soon, I've changed my blog title from 'The Secret Of Canaliculi' into 'Curryegg.com' and trying to learn everything about blogging.

Looking at my high desire in blogging, Eric has bought me a book: 'The Rough Guide to Blogging'.

It is a simple and useful guide for me as it has helped me a lot by bringing me into the blogoshpere without any doubt (maybe a little.. lol..)
Soon, my curryegg.com has started growing up. Each post that I've blogged is my hard work. I uploaded my photos, described them, shared my stories and my findings and giving responses to my blogger friends. It is such a great experience to blog and to know you guys. *hugs*

How does my curryegg.com grow up?

From a very simple written blog, it has turned up into an interesting photo blog. Most of my posts are full of my own photos. I believe that pictures are as strong as words in describing something. Readers will have a clearer view when reading the words with photos. That's why I love to post photos.

Here are some reviews of my blog achievement:

1) The Start
A very dull post.

2) Why curryegg?
Some of you might still asking why do I choose the word curryegg? Actually, it was my nickname given by my ex-classmates when I was in secondary school. I was a class monitor before and my classmates loved to tease me with this nickname. Honestly, I dislike the name bofore but now.. I missing it. Haha...

3) Genting Highland!
This was my first post, blogging about my own travel. Unexpectedly, it was my starting point to learn skills in editing and uploading photos into my blog. A very great experience of mine.

Cabbage plantation, Genting Highland (Pahang)

4) Wow! Fashion Show!
It was my first time, going to a fashion show. I was invited by my best friend Irene to her show in her college and I was amazed by her work. I love her design!

5) Never Been Trapped Again, Salesman!
It was my first time, sharing my own experience to my blogger friends. There are people out there who love to trick their customer and I am trying to voice out my disactifaction here. To my horror, even the taxi driver did cheat me before when I was in China. I guess, it is a very usual thing in the society right? You can read it in Mr.Cheater.

6) The Pity Groom & Team
I love this post a lot. It is about a Malaysian Chinese groom experience during wedding. A very interesting post I've done. I should say 'the scarification of love'.

7) China Trip-1, China Trip-2, China Trip-3
Going to China was a great experience for me. I've gone to a lot of places in rural area and learn things about their cultural and lifestyle. It's very difference compare to Malaysia.

Ma Zhu

Rural area
I am the blogger.. ^^
Night view in Xiamen.

8) The Worst Toilets
The worst toilet I ever experienced before. It was disgusting and I don't wanna go there anymore... Ehhww.... ;@

9) Mobile Phone, Eggs Cooker
This is one of the interesting finding from the Internet. The mobile phone wave will cook an egg. There is an experience for this.

And do you believe that cell phone wave will effect the number of sperm in a man? We did discuss this in Radiation On Sperms. I've received a number of interesting comments from you guys. Thank you.

10) Visit Malaysia, Visit Selangor; Visit Malaysia, Visit Penang; Visit Malaysia, Visit Pahang; Ikan kering.

Since this year is our Visit Malaysia year, being a good citizen, my family and I've made several trips for holiday. Of course, I enjoy every trips that I've been.

Selangor, Pulau Ketam
(I think I didn't mention the place before right? This is Pulau Ketam.)

Great advanture in Pulau Ketam, Selangor.

Kek Lok Si, Penang
The Beach in Penang

Cameron Highland, Pahang. Having breakfast with the most beautiful view.

Farm... Holding rootbears with me.. hehe..

This is what we call 'ikan kering' in Malay for dried salted fish.

11) I Miss My Primary School

I've even shared my deepest stories here with you guys about my primary school in Penang. It was such a great memory for me to step back my own primary school. I miss the small table, miss the teachers, miss the food (curry), miss singing Negaraku, miss being punished by teacher..(Uhhh?)..

12) Stepping Into Uni Life

It was my 'darkest' moment to leave curryegg.com for my studies once I've been stepping into university life. My life as a student is so busy with homework and assignments and I've neglected my blog for nearly a month. I should blame my laptop for not having the wireless. It has caused me troubles for blogging and I can only blog once I go back my own home. I stay in the hostel but not now. It is holiday for me!

A night before going to University

During orientation week

Looking back at my previous posts, I am motivated to blog more interesting post. I'm trying to upgrade my blog no matter in the way of writing, the template, the skill in photo editing, photo taking, keeping my blogger friends tightly with me or the loading speed of my page. I need a progress here!



I've received your votes from you guys and thank a lot in participating. Looks like curryegg.com need a change for the template. For your information, I've asked lemonade, a talented web designer to help me on this but I think she's a bit busy now. So, I am waiting for her good news. About the issue of frequently update my blog, don't worry. I will and I am doing it now. I am staying at my house now and I can blog very often nowadays. But promise me, you've to stay together with me. Stick with me.. haha.... ;D

Now I am wondering, what is the thing for 'others' in my poll. Is that about the problem in the speed of loading my page? The background music? Or ?????? I think I should make another poll about the 'other' soon. Please tell me ya?

Thank you guys and Happy 100th Post for my blog!