01 October 2007

Mooncake Festival In UM

"Tanglung Festival"

I've procrastinate this post for a week. Well, last 23th September 2007. Our University held the biggest 'tanglung festival' in our University. If I am not mistaken, this was the 7th celebration held by the students.
Well, this programme was the successful one. Everyone enjoyed the programme including those who performed. I managed to snap some photos of the event. Have a look.

The opening ceremony. The Big Mooncake. Can you see the rabbit? Hehe...
This is the photos during the drama. Those selected students performed on the stage. They were professional!
The jungle...

The end of the show... Oohhh....
Well, everyone was crowded in the hall.

Oopss.. I didn't know him. I just wanna show you the statue.. Guess what, they were made newspaper! Such a creative idea...
After the performance, as usual we snapped photos out there. I was amazed with the students artwork actually. Everything was made by them. Look at their work... the tanglung.. gigantic tanglung? Haha....
Jane and I
May and I
Guess what, I was surprised at that moment when I saw Shan wearing this custom. It was one of the Chinese transitional custom. She look beautiful right? ;)

Soon, we went to the UM logo to snap some photos and here are the result.
Ta-da.... Let me present this logo to you... ^^
Overall, last Sunday was a fun day for me. But I never expected that I will get food poisoning on the next following day. Anyway, it was over. The happy, new month is coming.
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