15 October 2007

Watch out! Bitter Herbal Drink!

"Help me!!!"
"Please, don't force me! I hate it!!!"

I couldn't stand my cousin when he was shouting all the way in the shop. I was so embarrassed. I wanna leave the place at once!

Everyone was looking at us at that moment. I felt like I wanna left the place immediately..

We went to shopping yesterday and passed by a famous Chinese herbal shop : Koong Woh Tong. I never tried it before, so we decided to have try. Mum asked 2 bowl of herbal drinks and 2 bowl of 'guai lin kou'. Dad and I took 'guai lin kou', look like jelly while mum and my cousin took the herbal drink.

My cousin didn't know that it was that bitter. He cried all the way, shouting like a baby when he took the first gulp. kekekz...

Everything was in black colour. This is normal. My grandma told me before that the more darker the drink, it's even better for health. She even told me that, darker mean bitter. Aiyoyo...

I am genius! I know the taste of the bitter herbal drink because I tasted them before.
So, I rather choose 'guai li gou' instead. Haha.. So clever.. ;)

It's look like jelly right? Haha.. It tastes bitter but you can add sugar solution into it. Just like 'tau fu fa'... ;)

Once he finished the drink, the staff immediately poured him the sweet drink. Everyone was so afraid of him. haha....

I think, next time I wouldn't ask him out for this again..

Well, this is their logo. I heard from my dad that it originates from Hong Kong. Wow...

Here are some description about the herbs. It's written in Chinese.. Lol..
I should call it the gold shop. Haha... So ancient look. Luxury...
Feel like I was in the olden time.

I will be back for more 'guai lin gou'! haha.... Bye!