22 October 2007

Blogger! Let me upload my photos!

I've been busy lately in preparing for my final examination which will begin on next Monday. There are a lot to be revised and I am trying my best to study everything. Anyway, I still wanna blog now. Let me blog! Let me blog! ;D

After 30 minutes....

Hey! I couldn't post my photos now. I wonder what is happening to blogger. Sigh.... I've been trying to upload it but there is an error for the upload page.

Recently, people are getting crowded in wordpress and I can see that the system in wordpress is better than blogger. You can get nice free template, and the comment box is nice and systematic. If they still don't allow me to upload my photo, blogger... I am leaving! *threating tone*
Eerrr...... ;(

Lol... I should try later... Patient curryegg... ;)