06 January 2009

Buckle Up Your Seat Belt!

"Curry! Stop lying and rolling on the seats! Buckle up your belt or pay RM300!"

That was my first warning which I received from my dad during in the very first week of January 2009. Heart broken. Ever since my very first time knowing how to sit on the car seat till the end of 2008, I had never fasten my seat belt when I was on the passenger seats. Ok, accept the front seats - of course.

NO one taught me nor mentioned about this so far.
It has been nearly 21 years and right now, I am forced to change my sitting style.


It was so bored as I couldn't squeeze into the gap between the two front seats, getting better view of the surrounding, cooler air and escaping myself from the scary UV light.


Furthermore, I can't sleep horizontally on the seats any longer. All I should do is to put on the seat belt, controlling my movement and activity.

Big sigh...

It was so... soo.... soooooo... boring..
What an emo post of mine.

Whatever it is, I must accept as this is the new rule and no one should break it. Or else, pay the fine, go to jail or both!

You don't wanna see Curryegg trap in the jail because of the new-seat-belt-rule right? Neither I want to see you there. Choi~

So lets us smile and accept the rule openly and willingly. Be a good citizen by following the rule. You wanna have a safe journey too right?


Give a smile...

fake one..

and say, "I'm happy with the new enforcement"!


P/s: I think I should make a big REMINDER, sticking on the seat to remind me to buckle up my seat belt. I'm too forgetful... :(