28 January 2009

Update From Penang

Good morning everyone.
How are you? Curryegg is sending her regards to you. No. She mean you. You, the one behind you. No no.. the one at the right. Hey. Don't move away, I mean you. Yeah yeah. YOU!

OK. Stop all these non-senses and back to my update. I am right now, in my cousin's house, using his wireless connection to access into my blog. It is like years since I last updated my blog. Days without the internet is actually fun and I can grab this chance to rest myself. Besides, I can spend enough time with the people I care and love without being bugged by any digital devices. Wow. Impressive!

I am right now in Penang, organizing my days with exciting plans. I wanna use my remaining days in Penang as beneficial as possible before starting my busy schedule, again. Yeah!


Gosh. I've forgotten to take my breakfast. It is 9.40am. Will be back again with more stories and photos. At the same time, do wait for more changes in my blog. I just can't wait. Haha..

Happy Chinese 'Niu' Year again!
Get more ang paos and share them with me.. :D

A simple-cute-card for my readers.