08 January 2009

Photography Is My Passion - How About You?

Still remember the very first photography session of mine?
It was about a month ago when May and I were being a one day model. The experience is fun and I enjoy the process a lot - accept those irritating mosquitoes' bites. Eeeiiiks!


Well, who don't? Right?
But I like Edward in Twilight.. Kekekz.. :P

After the photography session, I am even motivated to become a photographer using professional DSLR and lenses. Oh my. When will my dream come true?

When ar? When ar? Emmm.....

Anyway, it is fine as I still have my pink eggie and I still can snap good pictures, right? I shall learn crawling before running. So, let me earn my own bucks, save them up and purchase it in future... No worries.

So, last week, my family and I been to Putrajaya and amazingly, the night view is really beautiful. What a big difference between day and night views. Wow!

My lovely sister.. ;)

She is so lovely.. ;D

And she is mine! >.<

I love the lights and the surrounding. You will spot a lot of family activities there especially at the ground which is opposite the huge mosque. Some were chit chatting, some were playing badminton, some were singing, some were eating curry!

Lol.. Just joking.. :P

What do you think on my photography skills? Any improvement? Or how can I capture quality photos? I do need comments in order to improve. Yes. Indeed.. I need your help.

Hope that you are enjoying the Putrajaya Night View!