14 January 2009

An Opened Orange Mug

Note: This is not just a story about me but something to be shared about human relationship.

"Draw a picture to represent the value you have. Then share the reason why you think it suits you most", instructed by Nicole, my lecturer.

I was wondering why I pick the orange crayon (although there are another 11 choices) and drew a mug with 2 ears. At the very first place, I thought of drawing a window and I did. However, it had been erased by me. Why? Because it looked more like a box then a window. Lolx.. Then, I come with an idea, why not draw a big cup instead?

So here it is, an orange mug with two big ears.

Say it look like a mug! Haha.. XD

  • Orange: Cheerful, energetic and sporting
  • Mug: Openness

After drawing our own symbol, each one of us explained the meaning of the object and how it matches our value in a small group.

Once the mentioned procedures were completed, the interesting part of the session was the validation part - in which every member had to give responses, comments or compliment to the member. I shall say this is the best part of the whole session!

Yes! Best part!

I remembered how I complimented others for their positive values and how the drawing matches them. It was an indirect process where we were actually seeing the person as a whole, not part(s) of them. Amazingly, we can only see the good side of them. I guess Gestalt is right.

Conflict, judgement and negative thought on the person are slowly evaporating and they are replaced by better understanding, acceptance and trust. It is amazing how a sharing group can change each member's perspective and I guess this is why counseling group is being introduced in Western countries.

Here is the best part of my story. My real confession.
A dedication to my coursemates who might bump into this post and read it.

I was a bit nervous when it was my turn to accept validation from the others. However, when the session started, I realized I hardly look straight into their eyes. I was too paisheh la..


They showered me with uncountable positive feedbacks and comments on both my drawing and personality. Plus, they agreed the orange mug suits me well! Wu la la~

I never know I am being watched and analyzed by my friends since my very first semester. Oh my. That's sound scary uh? Haha.. Just joking. I was touched by their compliments and those conversations are still spinning in my mind now. Girls and boys, thank for the great moment. I will keep them safely here ---> my heart!


Other than compliments, I am glad to know that my friends do accept me as a friend and enjoy my company all this while. They even thank me for my contribution to the class.


I don't know why but love my course even more compare to my previous semesters. It is amazing on how the teaching of the professional lecturers and the syllabus can bring out the best in us. I start to realize the positive changes in everyone of us since last semester and I'm grateful. Seriously, I am.

We are improving from time to time, exploring the positive values in us and live with them. Some people might ignore self exploration, forcing themselves being someone else. Trust me, at the end of the day, you will be exhausted and lost.

At the same time, this group session has make me realized the importance of building a good relationship with people. A good relationship can bring you positive energy, boosting up your motivation and making you stronger. You can feel it if you have a bunch of close friends who have been supporting you all the time.

How to build a good relationship with others?
Honest. Trust. Sincere. Understanding. Respect. Acceptance. Patience.