12 January 2009

I Have My Own Merchandise!

I wonder did anyone of you read my 'secret post', couple of days ago. I had posted it up, stating that I have a secret to share with my readers. Before it could stay for 3 hours in my blog, I received a call from my friend, asking me not to fool around. Lolx... Did I?

How did she know that? I was too excited to share the secret, but pretended not to tell here. What a confusing statement.. :(

So I had withdrawn it and no update for 2 days.
What a rare egg.

Anyway, out of my 'grandmother story', let me share this interesting news of mine! Yes yes! It is as interesting as this post title.

"I Have My Own Product!"

No lying and it is true!
I am making my own products and look how stunning they are....

My very first handmake T-shirt!

Trust me. There is only one collection for this shirt and I owning it. There is no chance you can get this shirt no matter where you are (accept you steal from me, and don't cha!) because....
I drew it myself!

Oh my...
I am a proud mama!

This is my first mug with my Curryegg's banner printing on it. Isn't that cool??!!
It is so gorgeous!

*controlling my tears*

Seriously, the experience of personalizing your mug for yourself with your name on it is so wonderful. It is like making your own product. Oh my. I can't stop myself from jumping!

Last but not least, another tee for me, with my name and blog banner dominating the whole black T-shirt.

*smile as broad as possible*

I wanna thank my dear Eric for giving me a huge surprise with these gifts. Thank for always showers me with loves and cares. I remember how insane I was, looking at these lovely gifts for the very first sight. Thank for always making me like a mad girl. Lolx... XD

Special thank to my dearest friend who always help and supports me. You know who you are.. :)

So, can I be a proud mama for owning my babies this time? You have no choice but to say yes!