15 January 2009

Don't Snap My Big Belly!

Few days ago, I was in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang, having my small trip. I love this place as much as Penang. Well firstly, you can find good food with reasonable price. Next, you can enjoy the breeze and greenery view. I am a nature lover... :)

Besides, you can find nice people there. The residents in that area are friendly and very cooperative among themselves. How did I know? Of course, I had witnessed it my own.


I did blog a few posts on Bukit Tinggi. Do give a visit:

Notes: They are my good posts! :)

There will be another more 2 weeks before Chinese New Year arrived. I noticed the residents in the area were busy decorating their area with beautiful red-electrical-lanterns. I love them!
How I hope I can have them in my house.. :(

Men in the area were busy helping among each other. I just love watching them and secretly snapped a few photos so that you can feel the atmosphere too. See, I am so thoughtful and caring about you.

Lol... :P

Secretly captured photos when the men were working is a bad idea, sometimes. If they didn't like what you did, you might end up being chased away by them. Oh my.

I remembered a man was shouting loudly when he spotted me snapping he and his gang. Wuuuoo... sound frightening.. But don't worry because it is not harmful.

"Can someone please ask the small lady whether is she the reporter? I don't want my big belly being captured and hit the headline", the man shouted at his friend.

Noticing that my heart was beating extremely fast, I shook my head and quickly escape. At the same time, I was laughing at the silly uncle. Lol... A reporter? Big belly? Headline?

Haha.. They don't make any sense.. :P

Personally, I feel that the sky in Bukit Tinggi is nicer compare to the polluted city where you get all the carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide conquering the atmosphere. So sick of it.. :(

Anyway, the Ox year will be here soon. Anyone makes Ox resolution? More angpau (red packets)? World peace? Get new partners?