16 January 2009

Photoshop. Should I? Shouldn't I?

I believe most of us know what is Photoshop, right?
It is a software which can make your photos perfect by editing them using the provided tools - as perfect as you want.

I remember I first learn to know about this skill is from Xiaxue, a famous Singaporean blogger. She did blog about it and even made her own video to show us the effect.

In my case, I use Photoshop to adjust the photo brightness, colour, correct some obvious spots and add my blog link on it. Something which is simple and easy. I know how Photoshop can make you look like a Hollywood superstar - IF! You have the skills. Or else, your photos will look worse after editing. It will be disasterous.


Photoshop skills can be mastered if you spend some times discovering it and practicing your own. However, I don't Photoshop much of my photos because I don't want to fake my look. It is weird when your friends found you prettier in photos than in real person. That will be incongruent and I want that.

However, after watching this video, it makes me think twice. Should I start photoshopping my photos in order to gain high admiration and adoration? Should I start making my eyes bigger, become slimmer, bigger boob, better smile and smoother skin?

Thank to Aronil for sharing this video. This video clip has proved that why the number of eating disorders is increasing lately. So girls! Watch this. You can stop your hard-to-follow-diet into easy-to-master-photoshop skills!

I start to feel that my photos aren't perfect enough. I should photoshop them!
Well, should I or shouldn't I?

Tell me my dear...
I am desperate to know... :(