04 January 2009

Don't Steal This Car, But Next Car!

I almost fainted when I spotted a car with a mini signboard, hanging humbly behind at a corner of the rear windscreen.

Did I just say humble?

A really humble message from the owner of the car.
Let's peep closer...

*zooming at the yellow signboard*


I almost get there.. Done!
So, here you are. The best view I can capture over the message after being zoomed and focused by my pink-eggie (the name of my camera).

"WAIT! Don't Steal this Car. The car over there is much NICER"


What a brilliant message to the car theft.
However, isn't that nasty at the same time? Convincing the potential theft to steal other car.

What a lovely society???

I don't wanna park my car besides it.
No no no...